Tim Hinchliffe, Photographer.

Since I first started taking photography a bit more seriously, some thirty-odd years ago, I’ve had one main subject. People. So I will never be short of inspiration. There’s little chance we’ll run out of them. The way they look, the way they move, the things they do, the things they are capable of. And if I need to stretch the definition to cover anything else I may have been side-tracked into, the things they create or build. (There. That covers the racing cars).

The human face, in all its infinite variety, is my absolute favourite subject to photograph. The human body, sometimes pushed to its limits, is capable of extraordinary feats, and represents to me the true Beauty of Creation. The Natural World and the Animal Kingdom have their devotees and are well-served by those many photographers whose souls are touched by the splendour of Nature, the beauty of the sunset, the fearsome big cats, raindrops on a leaf, the awesome power of the storm and so forth. I stick to people.

The purpose of this website is to give a flavour of the different aspects of my photography, with (many) examples, and some explanation of why, and how, I do what I do.

I photograph people performing; acting or singing on stage, playing music, showing their abilities in their chosen way. I photograph their rituals, as they get married, or christen their children. I photograph them dancing, spinning on a pole, hanging from a trapeze. I photograph them showing power and strength in the service of line and elegance.

And I photograph them sitting on a stool, looking back at me. Preferably without smiling.

On the Category Pages I’ve tried to give some idea of the philosophy, if any, behind my way of working. As often as not, this boils down to “don’t be annoying” but here and there it’s even better thought-out than that. So browse. If you want to get in touch, the Contact Page says how. There are links to my various Facebook Pages and my Instagram account.