About Me


I’m not a ‘technical’ photographer. I’m not after the ‘perfect print‘ and I don’t count pixels.

My gear isn’t new and lots of it isn’t even recent. It’s generally towards the top of the range, just not the current range.

It does what I want it to. If every once in a while the focus isn’t spot on, I really don’t care.

I’m capturing moments most of the time, and they’re moments that won’t come past again. Getting the shot is what counts; pursuing some illusory idea of perfection is not.

I moved to the North Kent coast about eight years ago, after living in South-East London for several hundred years. A smart move.

Aside from taking photographs, I also have a collection of classic cameras which at some point I’ll attempt to sell since they deserve to be used. All they do here is get dusty. I’m also very into classic cars. But don’t be misled. Things weren’t better in the old days. They just looked better.

I’ve participated in Non-Professional Theatre for thirty-odd years and when you add in the several hundred dress-rehearsals I’ve attended as a photographer, that’s a lot of drama any way you slice it.